Johnnie B.

"I want to commend Beth Bradford for her exceptional professionalism and service.  I have worked with Beth over the last few years with my homeowners insurance.  Because of her integrity and work ethic, I am moving all of my policies under Beth's care:  boat, homeowners with wind, and two rental properties."


"Though my account is a small one compared to others you have; you made me feel as if mine was the most important account that you retain.  Your patience, assistance and caring made my day.  You're customer service exceeded all expectations."

Roy M.

"The Rogers Insurance staff are the best insurance people that I deal with."

Kenneth S.

"I've been with y'all (Rogers Insurance) since 2005, after Katrina, and I've had great service and great people. Mr. Lee is one in a million I'd have to say. It's been all good."

Vilma I.

"I am pleased to be a customer of Rogers Insurance. I always get friendly and efficient service. Rogers Insurance workers are always ready to assist with all my needs. I have all my insurance with them." 

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